Wedding organization
Your wedding from fairy tales is no longer a dream! If you really want a unique and unmistakable wedding, the place that will make it happen is one of the most famous and most visited Croatian castles. The romantic surroundings of the castle andHotel Trakošćan is our mission. Feel like a princess and a prince, uttering your vows with a view of the castle. Just make a guest list and our professional team will take care of the wedding organization.
We will make or upgrade your wedding plans, design a room setting according to your wishes, capacity up to 300 guests.
This 4 star crowned location will give you an unforgettable experience. Hotel Trakošćan stands at the service of wedding organization, whether it is a big event or a small intimate wedding. Plan with us your special day in life, and we will help you figure out all the details. Apart from the hotel itself, we offer you the opportunity to welcome guests in front of the castle as well as photography in an indigenous setting. Our terrace surrounded by greenery is ideal for romantic gatherings and ceremonies.
We have created for you specially designed wedding celebration packages that include a number of benefits for you and your guests.
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Vjenčanja Vjenčanja
Royal wedding
We are well known for our location is truly unique in this part of Croatia. Trakoscan is the most famous and most visited and certainly the most attractive Croatian Zagorje castle. The castle and its surroundings were belonging to the famous Drašković family and was designed as a landscape park where lake, meadows, tree and shrubs make a harmonious horticultural whole, and in front of the castle we can organize photo sessions for you and your guests. Inspiration for a photographer in a place like this certainly does not lack. Except in the beautiful park, it is possible to organize a photo session in the castle Trakošćan, more precisely on hunting knight's terrace.
Having a welcome cocktail in the lobby of the castle, decorations and fairytale experience are our recognizability. Next to the promenade there is the chapel of The Holy Cross from the 18th century, where 'Trakoscan Weddings' are held. However, the wedding can be arranged in a romantic forest park park, similar to English gardens.
Fairytale wedding
• Gastronomic offer: welcome receptions, ceremonial wedding menus, big selection of drinks
• Decorating services (florist / arranger, light show, rental of decorative scenes, possibility of thematic decorations, fireworks)
• Photo services
• Beauty programme (masseur, hairdresser, beautician, make up artist)
• Spa & Wellness program for newlyweds
• Entertainment program organization (solo singers for the wedding ceremony, classical music (quartet) for the wedding ceremony, music and entertainment composition for the festive dinner, traditional Croatian music, DJ for the festive dinner, solemn historic garbons, folklore or dance groups, historical dance ensembles, knight's ceremony, historical notary)
• Organization of bachelor and bachelorette parties
• Apartment for newlyweds
• Special offer for overnight stays for guests
• Organization of wedding ceremonies (chapel by the castle with the priest, lobby or terrace of the castle, hotel rooms, outdoors, near the lake, nearby parish offices and churches)
• Rent a traditional horse carriage with horses
• Organization of pastry services (wedding cake, cakes, gifts for guests)
Bachelorette party
In addition to the wedding organization, we offer you the organization of the bachelorette parties. Before joining the marital harbor, the custom is that the bride and the groom, everyone with their company, will celebrate the last single night out in a joyful tone. To make your bachelorette party an unforgettable experience, gather yor girls and indulge in a completely different kind of entertainment in the heart of the Croatian Zagorje, just 45 minutes drive from Zagreb. Our specially tailored offers offer relaxation in the wellness center with pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage, and other beauty treatments. We specialize in our party space for you in the party zone. We offer you space rental with lighting and music,champagne with mini snacks, rich buffet menu, occasional desserts, cakes or pies by choice, a varied offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, water. In addition to our packages, we also offer room decoration and late check out from the hotel.
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