To make your stay complete in our Hotel Trakošćan, in Zagorje you will find professional spa and wellness center staff at your disposal. With the use of swimming pools, whirlpools, Finnish and Turkish saunas, you can choose from a range of massages and beauty programs to revitalize your body and mind.
Treat yourself to unforgettable moments with our specially selected treatments for revitalizing and restoring the spirit, body, and soul. Enjoy the luxurious ingredients of our creams and advanced skin care products, against aging and body shaping.
Wellness Wellness
Wellness Wellness
Wellness Wellness
Wellness Wellness
Wellness Wellness
Wellness Wellness

Classic massage

Everybody needs it. Long movements will increase circulation and reduce stress while deep movements will resolve your tensions and pain

Sports massage

Release your body with a quick and rhythmic massage with stretching elements.

Relax Massage

Massaging the entire body with aromatic oils will make your mind calm.

Massage with honey and almond oil

Revitalize your skin with honey and almond oil.

Massage for pregnant women

Get rid of stress and restore energy. This massage will help each of future mothers to greet the birth of their little prince or princess more relaxed.

Children’s massage

The kids want to be “big” let them feel that way. With massage we can monitor the development of the child, preserve its health and, most importantly, build up the healthy habits for life.

Swimming pool
In addition to being momentarily freshened by immersing in the pool at anytime, it is proven that it also shortens the recovery time of the training and reduces the effect of training caused by muscle damage. Swimming in the pool also enhances and activates all muscle groups and relaxes you after a hard day and gives tone to your skin.
Apart from swimming pools and saunas, our spa and wellness area includes a whirlpool with six seated nozzles and one in the middle. The combination of gentle action of massage nozzles and hot water is known for a variety of benefits. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, this combination of massage and hot water encourages blood vessels to spread and thus improves circulation, leading to relaxation of painful and tired muscles and better muscular stiffness. Whirlpool also contributes to the recovery of sports injuries and the prevention of muscle cramps.
Finnish sauna
Due to a number of beneficial effects on the organism, Finnish sauna, which is often called a dry sauna because of the very hot and dry air, is one of the most popular saunas in the world.
The Finnish sauna is a wooden room with benches where the air temperature ranges from 70 to 100 ° C. The air humidity in this sauna is about 15%, and is obtained by pouring hot water on stones that are usually placed in the corner. Before entering the sauna, a short shower is recommended to remove sweat and impurities from the skin. It is suggested to enter quickly and immediately close the door to prevent cold air entering. Once you enter, sit on your towel and comfortably place yourself on one of the benches. To estimate the length of your stay in the sauna, your personal feeling is most important, although it is usually recommended that a sauna visit lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. After getting out of the sauna, you must take a shower to cool the body, but be sure to first shower your feet, legs and hands and then the rest of the body. After a shower, it is recommended to rest in this relaxed relaxation area, where you can drink tea or refresh with water or fruit to make up for lost fluid. The whole procedure is usually repeated 3 times.
Turkish bath
In Turkish saunas the temperatures are lower than in the Finnish sauna and range from 40 to 50 ° C, while the air humidity is very high, from 80 to 100%. It is precisely because of high humidity that this type of bath is usually coated with stone, tiles or plastic. In the Turkish bath, go in quickly and then shower yourself at the spot you are going to sit in with the foreseen shower. Since the temperature in the steam bath is lower than in the Finnish, it is suitable for longer-term relaxation.
Apart from the relaxation of the body and the muscles, hot steam induces sweating which results in the release of toxins from the body and the cleansing of the skin. By the action of the heat the pores are opened and the epidermis of dehydrated cells, fat and other impurities are purified. As a result, the skin is renewed and becomes soft, fresh and well-groomed. Since heat accelerates blood flow, the overall blood circulation in the body improves and its resistance to the various pathogens.
Sauna overlooking the castle
Feel royal in our sauna overlooking the castle of Trakošćan!
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