Trakošćan Castle is certainly one of the leading tourist attractions in the area of ​​northwestern Croatia, or the wider area of ​​Croatian Zagorje. The impression that Trakošćan Castle has on the side of the park and the local guests is always the same: the enthusiasm and the enchantment of the opportunity to enjoy both in the museum and in the always careful and carefully landscaped parkland environment. Trakošćan Castle is specific in fact, not only in Croatia but also in the world, with the fact that it presents the original preserved interior and exhibits used by the owner of the Drašković family in the previous centuries, or has not filled his or her set up with a subsequently inventory inventory such as the case with most other European and world castles. Particularly worthy of note is the knight and hunting hall, the music salon, the painter’s studio of Juliana Erdödy, a collection of weapons which are dating from the 15th to the 19th century, preserved furniture specially built for a renovated castle and the furniture from the early centuries aswell.
This cultural-tourist destination is ideal for any type of guest. Whether you are coming as a family with children, a young couple or a business partner, the destination offers countless opportunities. Vineyards, forests, meadows, orchards, green hills that are a trademark of this part of Croatia, tradition of culture and hospitality of your hosts.
If you are a fan of extreme sports, wind is here on Ravna Gora a permanent ally of parachuting enthusiasts and those who want to climb and try the charm of alpinism, the Ravna Gora rocks can meet their extreme aspirations. 150km of landscaped and marked hiking trails and nearly 550km of cycling trails are ideal for both recreational and professional preparation for competitions and various sports.
If you love hunting this destination is also ideal for you because it is close to Diana hunting lodge with a hunting lodge where you can hunt wild boar, deer, pheasants and rabbits.
If you like fishing, you can relax by fishing along the lake of the castle.
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