Events in Zagorje

If you want a different experience that will inspire work, creativity and thinking, the hotel Trakošćan provides an ideal location for business meetings, seminars, workshops, events and smaller congresses. Jobs of different profiles and content, and employers of different opportunities can maximize their business ideas and capabilities in our business center.
The modern multi-purpose business center has a capacity of 300 seats and top-of-the-line technical equipment, so it can meet the needs of the organization and the most demanding events. For the purpose of holding a smaller congress or seminar, the large polyvalent hall can be divided into 3 sections where different seating arrangements can be arranged according to the schematic view.

Congress halls

To excell at operation of the hall, the halls are also equipped with an LCD projector, automatic projection screen, camera, stage, microphone, wireless internet and many other technical elements.

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JULIJANA3,15 m165 m2140704064100
JULIANA + ROZALIJA3,15 m220 m2180885688120
ROZALIJA3,15 m55 m24018162420
ROZALIJA + ELIZABETA3,15 m137 m29554405655
ELIZABETA3,15 m82 m25536243235
Kongresi Kongresi
Kongresi Kongresi
Kongresi Kongresi
Kongresi Kongresi
Team building in Zagorje

In the ambience of the Zagorje hills, forests and near the Trakošćan Castle, organize team building and strengthen the team spirit of your colleagues and friends. Paragliding, hiking, walking tours, horseback riding, off-road driving are waiting for you. The beauty of the Zagorje and relaxing your eyes in the green that will be surrounding you and inspire a good mood and a lot of laughter. After a long day of business meeting, refresh yourself with our special wine card and enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine.
Our team building packages can be combined with business meetings so we can arrange a specially tailored event for you to create a work-related party.

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